We are the only system that can provide you with this crucial, daily information: How much revenue could have been rung in, and who is responsible for it.

Get updates on Bar Beverage Control and tips on how to increase alcohol profits at your bar!

How it works.


Our online system is fully integrated with your Aloha or Micros POS system.

Don't have a POS Micros or Aloha? No Problem! The only difference between integrated systems and manual ones (including cash registers) is revenue from the Z-totals or menu item mix must be manually entered each morning. With the right setup, it will only take minutes each day.


All menu items have a recipe attached to them.

All recipes are associated to menu items or price look ups (PLU's).By associating your recipes to your POS menu items or PLU's, managers can quickly compare daily cost to money collected, create budgets and correct problems. Profit opportunities can be spotted immediately.


Speeds up weekly inventories by 40%.

Our clients use tablets in protective cases to make their weekly inventory process more efficient, accurate and reliable.Our online applications make it easy to build an inventory list, take audits and print many useful reports. Weekly audits can be streamlined. The items can be set up in multiple inventory locations and set in the order the items lay on their shelves.


Our multiple bottle weighing system lets you know the pulse of your business.

Know how much alcohol was pouredeach day and compare it to the total money collected. Managers have access to reports that can give them a tool to correct bad habits formed by bartenders and generate an additional 20% in sales.

Two inventory systems.

Multiple bottle weighing system.

At the start of each day enter the bartenders name(s), empty bottles, and weigh the open liquor bottles in their price categories. By doing these simple steps many important many important reports can be generated.

Why weigh multiple bottles? Our first system relied on weighing single bottles but it was too slow and didn't provide us any benefit for the information we were looking for... which is the total cost of liquor poured. By weighing multiple bottles, you can determine up to one hundredth of an ounce how much liquor was poured and compare it to the total sales. Knowing how accurate each day is and who is responsible for it.

Weekly full item counting system.

By taking the weekly inventory on an internet tablet (Android/iPad) you can put items in shelf order instead of flipping through pages to find items. No more redundancy - no need to transfer off a sheet of paper to a computer.

Create custom count quantities per inventory item. This allows you to set a custom case, half-case, single, or partial quantity. This feature, along with putting the items in their inventory locations and shelf order, help to speed up inventory counts by 40%.


Bartender Summary

Bar Summary

Inventory Count

Menu Item Cost Analysis

Why it works.


Employee Morale is improved and turnover reduced. By getting the owners, managers and employees on the same page, attainable goals can be set based on facts rather than opinions. Individual and team accountability is created and everyone is involved in making the establishment more prosperous.


Inventory times are reduced by 40%. By taking the weekly inventory on a tablet you can put items in shelf order instead of flipping through pages to find items. No more redundancy - no need to transfer info off a sheet of paper to a computer.


Bar sales are increased by 20% while bar costs remain constant. By creating accountability, the same amount of drinks are served but more sales are rung in.